TV Mounting

You can easily test this by knocking on the wall. If it emits a hollow sound, your wall is most likely drywall, plaster, or wood. If you do not hear any echo at all, your wall is probably brick or concrete.

A basic TV mounting job on drywall will take a pro less than 1.5 hours to do. There are a number of factors that can lengthen the time it takes to finish the job, such as installing on brick walls or dismounting your existing TV. You can expect a more complex job to take around 2-3 hours to complete.

Yes, our pros can mount TVs above a fireplace. The job will be more difficult due to the wall type most likely being brick and the possibility of heat damage to your cords or TV. To ensure pros bring the right tools to mount your TV above a fireplace, please select your wall type as “Brick or Concrete.”

If you choose “bundle and cover”, we will ship a cord sleeve to you and your pro will install the sleeve to conceal your cords. If you do not select this option, your cords will be visible.

Choose a spot on the wall to place the TV. Your pro can help you determine the best spot based on the location of the power outlet, the location of wall studs (to support the weight of your TV), and where you plan to sit while watching the TV. In addition, please clean the area where the TV will be mounted. If you need help moving furniture, please let your pro know so they can help you. Lastly, make sure your TV cord is long enough to reach electrical outlets.

If the TV is 45 inches or larger in size, we will ask you during checkout whether you or another adult will be available to assist the pro in lifting the television. If not, we will send another pro at an additional cost to ensure that your TV is safely lifted into place with.

Other General Questions

Professionals always come prepared with the proper tools and supplies to get your job done right. They will not bring frames or shelves — customer is responsible for providing these. Please make sure you let your professional know any specifics ahead of time.

After your booking is confirmed, we will send you confirmation emails and messages about your booking and professional. You can contact your professional at any time with questions or concerns you might have.